They walk for Dirty Water


We all know that water is an essential element for our bodies.  In fact, without this important nutrient, we will cease to exist.  Incredibly, for such an important element which we need for our survival, most people seldom think twice about it.  When we need it, we go to the fridge, pour out the amount of water we want, and presto…it is there for the taking.  We take as much as we want, usually without a second thought.  Need a shower? Simply step into your shower stall and turn on the faucet.  Not a problem.

Now imagine for a moment that you don’t have those conveniences.  Gee, that’s almost hard to imagine right?  Now imagine a little deeper and visualize yourself walking a great distance with a bucket to carry dirty water in that you will collect from a polluted pond or a muddy river.

Dirty water contains pollutants that can make you fall ill with the cholera disease. Dehydration and diarrhea lingers for weeks sometimes before death occurs.     And of course, this dirty water must be shared among the entire family.

A water crisis is happening in parts of our world today without many people realizing it.  The areas affected are mostly in South East Asia, Latin America, and parts of Africa.  This crisis affects more than one billion people in all.  It did not just start happening; rather, it has been going on for years.    However many people are unaware of it, or do not realize the seriousness of it.  This could be due to most of us take water for granted.

However, this is a serious problem; and a heartbreaking one.  I am writing this post today to bring to your attention the suffering caused in the world due to a lack of clean water.

Now here’s where the good news come into play.  We can fix this.  Collectively, we as concerned humans looking out for each other on this earth can make a big difference by doing a very humane thing. raises money to help provide clean and safe drinking water for countless of needy families in developing nations.  If you consider this particular charity is a worthy course you may want to get involved in; then there are several ways for you to do so.  Simply visit the website: and learn how you can get started. website will show you how you can easily get involved in several different ways.  You can easily make a monetary donation for the cause, or volunteer your time and service by partnering with someone’s fundraising efforts or, if you are ambitious enough you can even start your own fundraising drive.  Their experts will show you how to get started.  100% of all money raised goes directly towards the cause of bringing clean water to millions of people living in developing nations around the world.

I am glad I discovered this charity and am honored to participate in such a humane cause.

Healthy trails to you.