Get an Immediate Boost in Your Health and Energy Today

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There are times when simply going through the motions of the things that you should be doing everyday can be incredibly draining. At the end of a work day sometimes there is not enough energy left to accomplish very much. So usually we will flop on the sofa and retreat in front of the TV until bedtime. Of course, we all have those days when we only want to do just that. I suppose that would be okay every once in a while. But it isn’t anything I’d recommend making a habit of.

I am encouraging everyone who’s looking to be healthier and more energized to follow these basic tips. I believe that people sometimes ignore some of the basic things that should be done to protect their health for the long term. We get complacent, and think there will always be time for self improvement. But if we were to start taking good care of our bodies at a young age, we’ll have a better potential of living a longer and healthier life. The following are examples of a few healthy and energy boosting ways to keep you physically fit and full of vigor… without even trying all that hard. Starting today.

1) Eat a well balanced diet every day. Include foods from the nutritional food group and Always, ALWAYS, eat breakfast. Make your breakfast a combination of protein (muscle building) , whole grains (very filling and nutritious), and include a fruit…has a ton of vitamins and minerals and is a good anti-oxidant.
2) Keep your body well hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day; at least eight glasses daily, 8 ounces each. Some people confuse thirst with hunger. So between meals when you think you are hungry, go have a big drink of water before reaching for a snack. Many times you may only be thirsty and not necessarily needing that snack.
3) Soak in a little sunshine. No need to do anything special or pay any money; its free. But I caution you not to stay in the sun too long unprotected. That could produce over-exposure of the UV-Rays which can be dangerous…leads to sun burns and skin cancer. But a little sunshine beaming down on your skin is actually a good thing. The sun gives us that important nutrient, vitamin D, which is a fat soluble vitamin needed to help the body to maintain and metabolize normal levels of calcium. Calcium is needed for the formation of strong bones. And of course, strong bones will prevent the development of osteoporoses later in life. Vitamin D can also be found in foods like fish (herring, salmon, sardines and cat fish), eggs, and cod liver oil.
4) Exercise. A very basic activity that benefits us greatly is exercise. This is nothing new, but rightfully so; it should be included in this list. Daily physical activity is beneficial to us in many ways. Besides helping to control our body weight and boost our energy level, exercise has many other benefits. Some of the benefits include helping to improve our mood, keeping the blood pressure as well as the cholesterol levels within normal range.
5) Sleep. A good night’s sleep works wonders for the body. After a good night’s sleep the body is well rested and can function better. I heard someone refer to a good night’s sleep as homework for your mind and body. Researchers suggest that sleep is detrimental for a healthy brain. It helps the mind to remember and learn. Without sleep most people are overly fatigued, irritable, and are unable to concentrate.
6) Low stress. An immediate boost to our health is certain if we can keep it well controlled. Avoid it completely if you can. Stress is one of our biggest health hazards. It raises our blood pressure and puts us at risk for heart disease and stroke. Controlling stress will potentially add years to our lives while making our lives more peaceful and enjoyable.
7) Laughter. Sometimes our mental health is all in the attitude. I’ve heard it said that laughter is the best medicine we can give to ourselves. A great sense of humor works wonders for the soul. Laughter certainly has the potential to perk up our mood, which is a great benefit by itself. But the definite benefits of laughter have not been concluded by research yet. I suggest that laughter is a wonderful benefit to us already without ever seeing the research results.
9) Be positive. Keep a positive mindset because a positive attitude goes a long way. A positive attitude can help you to be more productive and stress free. Positive thinkers usually are happier and healthier. It could be because they have developed good habits including all the healthy ones.

I hope I’ve been able to enlighten you in some way with this blog post. I truly believe that the health of everyone will be greatly improved if these tips are followed.
Healthy trails to you

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