Longing for a Transformation-Part 2

This is part 2 of the blog I wrote regarding my weight loss.  I realize that it was a bit long, so I decided to break it in half rather than cut something out since I believe each point is important.  In case you haven’t read Longing for a Transformation part 1, you can read it here.  The following are suggestions to help a person get on with their weight loss journey successfully. These tips will help you to be more successful and also will help to keep the weight off. 

1)Journal your foods.  You should plan your meals ever day.  This will help you to stay on top of what you need in your pantry.  A daily food plan will make you less susceptible to engage in the wrong types of food. 

2)Exercise regularly.  I personally love the water aerobics class at my  gym.  When I’m done with exercising, I sit in the sauna for about 10 minutes. This I do 3 times a week, and it makes me feel absolutely delicious.  It does not matter what type of exercise you do, but try to make exercise a routine part of your weight loss plan.  Exercise will make your body stronger and will speed up your weight loss efforts.  It is also good for toning up the muscles.

3)Lose weight with a buddy.  A buddy has great benefits.  A buddy will  help to keep you motivated.  Buddies will cheer on each other, and will provide  encouragement and support for each other. You should call your buddy every day, and exercise with your buddy whenever possible.

4)Rethink your food plan.   Don’t think of your food plan as a diet.  Think of it as a life style change.  In order for you to keep the weight off, it is important that you consider your diet as a life style change; just as it should be.  A life style change will eventually provide a difference in the way you react to foods in general.  This of course will help you to maintain your weight loss as well.

5)Remember to take life one day at a time.  Don’t look at how much weight you have to lose.  Instead, focus on each day one at a time; it will be so much easier for you that way.  You can do what I do sometimes.   Give yourself little challenges to help you to get through the end of the day successfully.  

6) Do something useful. Involve yourself in something that will benefit someone else.  When you put your resources into helping others, your days will move along smoother and faster. I’m sure there are loads of charitable events that will love your time and attention.  It should be something that you care enough about to work at it passionately.  Hopefully this will also help to take your mind off of your problem with food by focusing more on providing help to a needy cause.      

I’m sure you can come up with even more techniques to help with your weight loss.   In my case, I wrote motivational poetry for myself, and eventually published it in a book.  My writing helped me to conform to my new eating habits and added to my weight loss success.   I still use that technique to this day. 

Wishing you much success with your weight loss journey.

Healthy trails to you





My Blogging Award

I was very surprised recently when I was honored with awards from other bloggers. I’m a relatively new blogger and am just learning the world of the blogosphere. I want to thank those who gave me the awards, I am humbled and I can feel the love. I guess I will keep on doing what I’m doing.

To keep the blog from being too lengthy however, I will be writing a separate post for each of the 3 people who honored me.
So today, I am acknowledging my friendly blogger cultfit, who awarded me with the Beautiful Blogger Award. I am humbled. Cultfit’s blog is about encouraging people to get themselves in great physical shape…or to at least stay in great physical shape, which ever appropriately suits you. He is not only encouraging, but he is also very witty and will make you laugh out loud sometimes. I enjoy his blog very much. I try to keep up with his post as much as I can and I am sure that you will want to do the same.

The guidelines for accepting this award are:

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post. (Done)
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (Done)
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know. (Done)

I am nominating the following people to receive this award:

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Longing for a Transformation- Part One

Perhaps you, and for certain many among us would like to change something in our lives. Whether it is something major like starting a new business or career, or something less complicated like losing enough weight to become a size or two smaller. Depending on how much weight you have to lose, this could be very complicated.

Change could be hard, and sometimes unpredictable, but change continues to happen to folk daily. What about you? Are you longing for some kind of change in your life? When it comes to a tansformation via aweight loss, you should be talking about a lifestyle change. I say this because I believe a lifestyle change is the only sustainable way to help you to be successful in maintaining the weight loss once it is gone. And that would be a very amazing transformation.

Since I know a little something about successful weight loss, (so far I’ve lost 175pounds during my transformation), and I have another 60 pounds to lose. I have a story to tell. It is a little personal, but it is well worth telling.

This is about losing weight and keeping it off. First of all, being so obese is hard on the body in many ways. Not just the obvious difficulties; like the need to use a cane when walking, or use of a riding cart when shopping, and being restricted to buying clothes only from the plus size clothing store. But there is more. The dreaded diseases most obese people will face. You know, the usual…diabetes, arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. I was a victim of all of these ailments with the exception of heart disease and cancer. Although my cholesterol level was a little elevated, I was never diagnosed or treated for any type of heart disease. From that prospective, I guess you could say that I am pretty darn lucky.

Thankfully I was able to put a big dent in the amount of weight I need to lose. I can visualize my transformation now with absolute certainty. I believe I’ve learned how not to doubt myself. Others have had longterm weight loss success and so I. And you can too. I am listing the things here that has helped me, and hopefully you can use these same things to help with your weight loss success as well.

1) Eat breakfast every morning. No doubt you have probably heard this one before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We need the nutrients first thing in the morning to help us to concentrate better during the day.

2) Watch your portion sizes.
A bowl of cereal, a serving of rice, or pasta, should consist of only 1/2 cup. Protein servings such as meat, fish, and chicken should be no more than 3 to 4 ounces per serving.
3) Be atrict about omiting the fatty foods. Use only 1 tsp of fat with your meals and omit consumption of fatty foods and fried foods.
4) This one is important: Include 2 to 3 cups of veggies with your lunch and dinner meals. You can balance it out in any way you would like. For instance, you can have 2 cups of stir-fry veggies for dinner along with 1 cup of salad fixings.
5) When selecting your salad dressing, or any kind of condiment, sugar should be listed no higher than number 5 on the list of ingredients.

6) Omit sugary foods and drink sugar free beverages only. For instance ice tea, coffee, and sodas should all be sugar free. If you like juices, make sure it is sugar free also. I like the fruit juices, but most of the time I opt to eat the orange or the apple instead of drinking the juice. The chewing sensation is more satisfying for me.

I personally have learned to limit snacking only to an extra fruit between meals. And I limit that to only twice a day. This will give me a total of 5 meals daily when I count the fruit as a mini meal. In some cases, it is recommended that you have 3 mini meals a day instead of2. This is due to health related situations like diabetes. It is helpful when you drink plenty of fluids, especially water. The fluids are needed to keep you well hydrated, and it is also a good ‘filler’ between meals because it helps to curb the appetite by providing you with a good sense of fullness.

If you know anything about dieting, then you will know that these are mostly the simple basics. However there are a few more very important points I need to make, and you need to know. So I will continue with more pertinent points in another blog: Longing for a Transformation Part Two.

Wishing you much success in your weight loss journey.

Healthy trails to you

8 Healthy Mantras to Live by

Here are a few mantras I repeat a lot to myself. I don’t use all of them every day, but these are the ones that works well for me. If you need a little encouragement today, or any day, perhaps you will get some use out of them.

1)<strong> “Make your life’s work something you truly care about”. Someone once said, If you work at something you truly enjoy doing, you’ll never actually work another day in your life. I believe this states the obvious, but it will play a major role in lessoning the body’s stress. When you are doing something you truly love to do, chances are your life will be more fulfilling and satisfying. And as an added bonus, it will help to keep the blood pressure at a normal level; lessening the potential for the development of heart disease and stroke.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

2) “An apple a day, will keep the doctor away.” Treat your body as if you truly love it. An apple is a very healthy food and is loaded with nutrients. But if you simply eat right in general, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of fluids I believe you are on the right track for keeping the doctors away. I should probably add that you should actually see all of your regular doctors for the yearly physical examinations. Not only your PCP but also include the dentist, the gyn doctor, the eye doctor, and any other doctor your PCP has recommended that you see.

3) “Be slow to anger and slow to take offense.” I believe that we all make mistakes in our lives at some point. People sometimes do and say crazy things. But getting angry at someone doesn’t help matters much. Anger can be all to consuming and is potentially damaging to your health. The same goes for jealousy, greed, and fear. Do away with them before they do away with you.

4) “You are entirely up to you.” From: http://www.jeremydwill.com/ Make your body. make your life.” Look good, feel good, and be good. This gives you a big boost in your self esteem. Emotional health is just as important as our physical health. So take notes 🙂 Some say that the first impression is always the best, and some say clothes make the man. I will resort back to mantra #2…”Treat your body as if you truly love it.” When you know that you look good, it will automatically help to make you feel good and adds a great boost to your self esteem. No need to hesitate in making the appropriate decisions at work, or anywhere else; because if you “be good”, you’ve done your home work. Therefore you can speak and walk with confidence and others will jump at the chance to walk and work with you.

Photo:Wikimedia commons-CC-SA-2.5

5) “Live Love and Laugh”. I wish I could credit the person who initially said this but I’m unable to do so at this time. This mantra suggest that I should enjoy my life and live it to the best of my ability; also that I should maintain an awesome sense of humor. It also says to me that I should not be afraid to love or to be loved. This mantra is a great shot in the arm for anyone who may be down on themselves a bit. Live love and laugh helps to present a positive attitude which is so important when attempting to accomplish just about anything.

Photo from Wikimedia commons

6) “You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them.” from: http://eatnexexercise.tumblr.com We all would like to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. For some of us, this will take a little more work than others. But I believe the goal is worth every bit of the price we pay to achieve it. To get yourself in good physical shape you may only need to lose a few pounds, or 100 pounds. You may only need to exercise a few days a week, or every day for 30 to 45 minutes. Whatever it is you need to do to get into shape, or to reach some other desired goal, You won’t know if you can do it if you don’t try..and try with conviction by pushing yourself to success.

7) “If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.” from: fitbe.msn.com A lot of us are guilty of procrastination. We wait for the perfect conditions or the perfect time. But that time may never come. That is the reason why I like this mantra. It is not just challenging, but it encourages me to work on accomplishing what I need to accomplish. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come because in all actuality, it may never get here. Now is the right time to make it happen for you.

8)) “Nothing hurts more than just sitting on a couch.” from: http://eatnexercise.tumblr.com/ So what do you think? We will all be blessed with another tomorrow? I hope so, but sadly none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. But we do have today, and we do have this precious moment in time. I’m not advocating that we should be busy all the time. Rest is good, and we all should rest at some point during the day. It helps our bodies to rejuvenate. However, one of our biggest problems is procrastinating, or simply falling through on what we started out to do. If you are hurting, wouldn’t life hurt a lot less if you would simply get off the couch and get involved fixing what needs to be fixed, or doing something truly constructive. It could be something as simple as helping someone else with a dire need. Go for it.

Hopefully these mantras have been helpful to you. There is no reason why you can’t add to the list and make up a few of your own. Use works for you and start that custom today.
Healthy trails to you

A Lesson I’ve Learned From My Sick Dying Mother

Let’s face it. We will all get old and die…that is, if we are among the lucky ones. Aging is an awesome process to watch. When our bodies transform from an energetic youthful state, into someone who is old and frail, isn’t at all pretty. yet I believe all of us would like to grow old before we die. Along with growing old and frail means giving up a lot of independence in most cases. And that’s not by choice of course, but out of necessity. Most of us will lose a lot of our strength and energy, and with it the ability to function as we always have. Growing old and frail is not so bad, but when it is accompanied with sickness it is heartbreaking to watch.

I’m in a position now of watching my mom endure sickness in her frail elder years. I consider it an honor to be there for her. I try very hard to keep her as comfortable as I can. But she requires a lot of work 24/7, and thankfully I’ve got MY 3 sisters who all help out. We’ve made a workable schedule that we follow. Therefore taking care of mom is not a heavy burden for any of us.

Mom’s bedroom window is low and wide, which gives her a beautiful view of her back yard. She is able to see her pretty green lawn, with the two big mango trees (they are bearing fruit now), and the old boat my father left behind…he died five years ago. She is unable to talk or say very much, but I feel certain that she knows she is in the bedroom of her home…not the hospital or the rehab facility where she lived for the last two months. But instead she is in her own home where she’s lived for more than 40 years.

In the past, mom worked with her church mission who visited the sick and elderly people around the community. They took with them gifts of food and drinks, books and magazines, medical supplies, and whatever else they thought would be useful. They didn’t only visit the individual homes, but they visited the nursing homes as well. I always felt that my mom was providing a good service by working with the mission during her healthier days; but I never valued her work as much as I do now.

I appreciate the work my mom did so much that now I’m a crusader for helping the needy, and giving to healthy causes. Whenever I can, I use my church registry and call some of the elder members who are living at home alone. A few minutes of conversation lifts the spirits and cost nothing. I’ve made a list of things to do that would be helpful to others who are sick or in some way are handicapped.

Some of the things to do includes: In addition to calling them every so often, send a get well card or a short note wishing them well. Visit someone for ten or fifteen minutes and have a short cheerful conversation with them. Take them flowers or a small plant or have it delivered. Offer to run an errand like picking up meds from the pharmacy or getting something for them from the supermarket. Take them to the store or to their doctor’s appointment if needed. Put together a small care package for them. It could include fruits, a box of crackers, cheese, and bottled water.

Other things can be added to this list but it should be something that is not too taxing for you. If you overwork yourself you will be of no help to anyone for very long. Providing service to others is not just helpful, but it is very rewarding. Perhaps you can get involved and offer your time and attention to someone in need.
Healthy trails to you.

Get an Immediate Boost in Your Health and Energy Today

From wikimedia commons

There are times when simply going through the motions of the things that you should be doing everyday can be incredibly draining. At the end of a work day sometimes there is not enough energy left to accomplish very much. So usually we will flop on the sofa and retreat in front of the TV until bedtime. Of course, we all have those days when we only want to do just that. I suppose that would be okay every once in a while. But it isn’t anything I’d recommend making a habit of.

I am encouraging everyone who’s looking to be healthier and more energized to follow these basic tips. I believe that people sometimes ignore some of the basic things that should be done to protect their health for the long term. We get complacent, and think there will always be time for self improvement. But if we were to start taking good care of our bodies at a young age, we’ll have a better potential of living a longer and healthier life. The following are examples of a few healthy and energy boosting ways to keep you physically fit and full of vigor… without even trying all that hard. Starting today.

1) Eat a well balanced diet every day. Include foods from the nutritional food group and Always, ALWAYS, eat breakfast. Make your breakfast a combination of protein (muscle building) , whole grains (very filling and nutritious), and include a fruit…has a ton of vitamins and minerals and is a good anti-oxidant.
2) Keep your body well hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day; at least eight glasses daily, 8 ounces each. Some people confuse thirst with hunger. So between meals when you think you are hungry, go have a big drink of water before reaching for a snack. Many times you may only be thirsty and not necessarily needing that snack.
3) Soak in a little sunshine. No need to do anything special or pay any money; its free. But I caution you not to stay in the sun too long unprotected. That could produce over-exposure of the UV-Rays which can be dangerous…leads to sun burns and skin cancer. But a little sunshine beaming down on your skin is actually a good thing. The sun gives us that important nutrient, vitamin D, which is a fat soluble vitamin needed to help the body to maintain and metabolize normal levels of calcium. Calcium is needed for the formation of strong bones. And of course, strong bones will prevent the development of osteoporoses later in life. Vitamin D can also be found in foods like fish (herring, salmon, sardines and cat fish), eggs, and cod liver oil.
4) Exercise. A very basic activity that benefits us greatly is exercise. This is nothing new, but rightfully so; it should be included in this list. Daily physical activity is beneficial to us in many ways. Besides helping to control our body weight and boost our energy level, exercise has many other benefits. Some of the benefits include helping to improve our mood, keeping the blood pressure as well as the cholesterol levels within normal range.
5) Sleep. A good night’s sleep works wonders for the body. After a good night’s sleep the body is well rested and can function better. I heard someone refer to a good night’s sleep as homework for your mind and body. Researchers suggest that sleep is detrimental for a healthy brain. It helps the mind to remember and learn. Without sleep most people are overly fatigued, irritable, and are unable to concentrate.
6) Low stress. An immediate boost to our health is certain if we can keep it well controlled. Avoid it completely if you can. Stress is one of our biggest health hazards. It raises our blood pressure and puts us at risk for heart disease and stroke. Controlling stress will potentially add years to our lives while making our lives more peaceful and enjoyable.
7) Laughter. Sometimes our mental health is all in the attitude. I’ve heard it said that laughter is the best medicine we can give to ourselves. A great sense of humor works wonders for the soul. Laughter certainly has the potential to perk up our mood, which is a great benefit by itself. But the definite benefits of laughter have not been concluded by research yet. I suggest that laughter is a wonderful benefit to us already without ever seeing the research results.
9) Be positive. Keep a positive mindset because a positive attitude goes a long way. A positive attitude can help you to be more productive and stress free. Positive thinkers usually are happier and healthier. It could be because they have developed good habits including all the healthy ones.

I hope I’ve been able to enlighten you in some way with this blog post. I truly believe that the health of everyone will be greatly improved if these tips are followed.
Healthy trails to you