Eliminate Annoying Habits for Good

Greetings healthy warriors
Ive got encouraging news today. You know how you feel when you can’t seem to break an annoying habit? Like me, you may feel defeated and give up after trying to release it after a few days. Some people may put more time into their efforts, and will have much better results. However many of those determined souls end up failing anyway. We all are probably tied to a habit we’d rather be without. For me, my most annoying habit is procrastination. No matter what I do, I still haven’t been able to dump the habit of procrastination entirely. Also, I used to be a compulsive eater at one time. Thankfully, I’ve got that pretty much under control now…and that was pretty hard work. Now if I could just eliminate procrastination…
Well, like I said earlier, I have encouraging news. All is not lost. I’ve been re-thinking my strategy for breaking old habits and I am very engouraged. I read a few tips on how I can eliminate a bad habit for good, and I want to share them with you. This is compliments of Leo Babauta. He wrote them factiously in just the oppisite of what we should really do. You can read more from him at: http:www.zenhabits.net
Healthy trails to you

1.Take on multiple habits at once. We have lots of things we want to change, so we try to change them all at once. Of course, this spreads our focus and energy thin, so that we can’t give our entire focus to any one habit. Habits are hard to change, and spreading yourself thin is a good way to make sure you fail.
2.Bite off more than you can chew. Whether you do one habit or many at a time, try to do as much with each habit as possible, so that it takes up a lot of energy and seems really hard. Don’t run for 5 minutes, try doing 30. That way it’ll be a big chunk of your day that will get pushed to tomorrow when other urgent things come up, it will take a lot of your physical and mental energy, and it’ll be something you dread doing because it’s so difficult. Don’t meditate for 5 minutes, meditate for 60. Do 90 minutes of yoga. Change your entire diet all at once. These are excellent ways to fail.
3.Tackle habits you don’t enjoy. Because habits should be something you do for moral reasons — they’re good for you! And so it doesn’t matter if you hate them, and if you dread doing them after awhile, because you’re going to be disciplined. That works extremely seldomly, so it’s a great strategy.
4.Keep it a secret. Don’t tell anyone you’re changing your habit. That way, if you mess up, it won’t be embarrassing. This means that you secretly think you’re going to mess up, which is another excellent way to fail.
5.Jump right into it. Decide today to start running, and just do it! This way you are treating it as if it’s nothing, and not a big commitment. You don’t plan for obstacles, don’t set up a support system, don’t give yourself rewards, and treat the habit change as lightly as you do putting on your socks. And when you quit doing the habit, it will be no problem either.
6.Don’t worry about how others have succeeded. Why read the success stories of other people? You know better than them. You can do it without learning from them. That’s what I used to think, at least.
7.Don’t motivate yourself. You don’t need motivation if you have discipline. Discipline is something you have or don’t have, but motivation is something you can actually do.
8.Give yourself plenty of opportunities to give up. Trying to eat healthy? Have your cupboards and fridge filled with junk food, and have it surround you at work, and go to restaurants filled with fried foods and sugary sweets. You’ll definitely have the discipline to ignore those.

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  1. Steve
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 17:44:02

    Funny and helpful!


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