What Encourages You?

What encourages you?
Greetings Healthy Warriors
Thank you for your visit today. In this blog I decided to tell you a little more about myself by sharing with you why I am now known as the healthy warrior.

I heard a quote some time ago that was very encouraging to me. I heard it from a very good friend during a casual conversation one day. It goes something like this: “It doesn’t matter how far you fall, rather, it is how soft you land.”

This quote gave me some encouragement when I was at a particularly low point in my life. I was faltering and seeming not to be making much progress on things I cared about. It also was a time that my physical health was declining. I had little energy to speak of and I was beginning to be more introverted.

On that day, because of the quote from my friend, I realized that I was actually in a falling mode. I would have most likely continued in a hard downward spiral if I didn’t muster up a way to have a successful landing somehow. She jolted me into the realization that I needed to become proactive in order to have a smooth landing. I needed to get out of the slump that I was in. That’s when I was able to preveent myself from falling…somehow. Instead, with renewed determination I began a posive move forward.

No more pity parties for me. Of course I did all the normal things anyone would do who truly wanted to become physically fit and healthy. I believe because I took a personal interest in the reasons for my faltering condition, is what enabled me to have a soft landing. In other words I stopped ignoring my problems, but instead I focused on how to fix them. I became proactive.

In my case, I know I needed to eat healthier and become more active. So instead of isolating myself every day, I became more involved with life. I enrolled in an evening class at our neighborhood community school (computer 101); I helped out with my ageing parents more, and enjoyed visiting with people in general; especially my children and grandchildren.

I found out that the more proactive I was, the more my attitude changed. I became a positive thinker and realized that I did not have to be doomed to living as an unhealthy old lady for the rest of my life…and I decided that I was not old and that I did have a life. Being involved with productive issues, and keeping a positive attitude, is what really helped to turn my life around.
Thankfully I’ve lost well over a hundred pounds, I’m eating healthy, and working out some, and I’m a lot stronger physically. I love doing the water aerobics better than any of the other exercises. Frankly it really doesn’t matter what type of exercise you decide to do, just do it.

So if your life is faltering because of your weight… or for any other reason, I suggest that you get involved with things that mean a lot to you. It will help to lift you out of your depression (or funk) so you will be able to do what you need to do for yourself.
Good luck in reaching your goals and for having a soft landing.
Healthy trails to you.

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