Meditation: Food for the Soul?

I believe strongly in the power of meditation. These are the reasons.
1) Meditation serves to help maintain a sense of calmness in one’s life that may otherwise be missing.
2) For me, meditation helps to frame my mind to accept whatever it is I may have to face during a given day; good or bad.
3) For most people, meditation helps to strengthen their minds and to go the distance for what is perceived to right and good.
4) It also helps to be more accepting and tolerant towards others with different backgrounds and different life’s visions.
5) Meditation also serves to help in meeting challenging situations that will leave you all the wiser because of it.

So now that I’ve established that meditation is beneficial, when is the best time to meditate?
Chances are if you don’t live alone, it may be difficult to find the private time needed for meditation…especially if you are raising a family. The best way to handle this would probably be for you to start the day a few minutes earlier than the norm; perhaps a few minutes earlier than the expected time your family will be getting up to start their day. Of course you can meditate at night too if you choose to, but usually by the end of the evening most people are too tired to bother.

I believe the chances are better for your success if you were to stick to a morning schedule. Let’s say your family starts their day around 7am; in that case you should probably start your day about 20 to 30 minutes earlier than usual in order to do your meditation before they get up. Getting up earlier may not appeal to some folks who have a big family to care for before going off to work. That alone takes a lot of work sometimes. However, once you start this ritual, you will more than likely find it to be a very positive experience. Most people agree that meditation is both stimulating as well as relaxing. It can very soon become a habit that you look forward to doing every single day.

Some people will spend up to 30 minutes or more meditating; but you only need about 10 or 20 minutes to be effective. However, you should take as much time as you need in order to get the best results for you.

There are no definite rules for meditation. In fact, there are several different approaches that people could take. There are those who listen to soothing music, or may light a candle to help with the solemnness of the mood. They may say a short prayer centering on whatever the need happens to be. Some pray for protection and safety throughout the day, or for increased strength to better handle their daily issues. Others may repeat encouraging mantras or chants. You can do some of these things which are good, but more than that is needed.

I suggest that when you meditate, you should have the room darkened. The curtains or blinds should be closed. The door should be closed to help give you more privacy. Sit in a chair with hands together as if praying. The head should be bowed and the eyes should be closed.

1) Call on your higher power to give you peace, strength, and the ability to do what’s needed to make your life successful and content. Your Higher Power may be the Holy Heavenly Father above, or something else. That is up to you.

2) Relax your body, including your tongue; let it relax in your throat. Think of the person that you would like to be and envision yourself as that person. Hold that image and mentally transform yourself into being that person.

3) Feel your strength and the power you have to achieve greatness. Repeat a few more mantras or chants if you want to. Relax in the spirit of the moment and thank your higher power for the blessing of peace and security he has provided you with. Thank him for giving you the ability to stand strong and the ability to come out on the winning end of whatever it is you may have to struggle with today.

4) Repeat positive affirmations such as: I will enjoy a great relationship with my family; my family and I will be healthy and prosperous; or, I will excel in my career within the next two years. You get the idea. Repeat any positive affirmations you wish.

5) Lift your head and your hands upwards and thank your higher power again for being there for you. You should also thank him for revealing to you that with faith, patience, and hard work you will be successful in whatever your desire is.

Remember to choose a definite time for meditation and commit to the schedule you decide on. I’m sure you will enjoy better relationships with family and/or co-workers if that is what’s needed in your life. In any case, your meditation should serve to help you to become a more stronger individual and to have a more peaceful state of mind.

Healthy trails to you
P.S. If you feel so inclined, click on the link below and read a little from the author’s message inside.

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