Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle


Now here is the thing; most of us want to improve our lives in some way.  I say this because practically everyone I talk to seems to have something about their lives they want to change.  It could be something like wanting a new career, to start a business, or to lose weight and have a healthier and better looking body.  The list is endless, but it is certainly doable.   The lifestyle you want will take more than just the desire to change…although that is a great beginning.   However, the sad truth is, most people have not figured out how to mesh their lives into the ideal lifestyle they desire.

I found something that I thought was very helpful when I was reading from the book of psalms, first chapter recently.   You may not be a spiritual person, and that’s okay.  The same principle could be used for the spiritual person as well as for the non-spiritual person.  After reading in the book of Psalms (the old testament) first chapter, this is what I found to be so helpful:

1)    You will be blessed if you do not stray from your goal…(in my case it is to lose more weight).  You should stop dreaming and longing of things that have no benefit to you (such as the unhealthy comfort foods that I need to avoid) these things can take your life away.

2)    Be enthusiastic and grateful for your ability to change.  In fact, live your life as if the change has already occurred.  Fill your mine with only the positive possibilities…both day and night.  You will grow stronger in your resolve to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

3)    Be confident.  There will be many people who will not succeed.  They seriously doubt themselves and are too willing to give up the wonderful possibilities awaiting them.  For whatever reason, They are unable to stop longing to indulge in unhealthy pleasures, and/or they sabotage their successes.  In the long run, they are unwilling to do the work it takes for bad habits to turn around.

4)      Give up the old habits and don’t be afraid of a little discomfort sometimes.  With your good integrity and persistence, you will achieve success at a meaningful level.

5)    Be therefore grateful, and also positive about your life.  Walk in confidence about your ability to change.

6)    Use the power of your spiritual strength to carry you in times of weakness.

Meshing your life into the lifestyle you desire will come to pass because of your commitment.  Go after it, work on it, and claim it.  Consistent work with a little discipline will get you the lifestyle you truly desire and deserve.

There is an e-book I think you can benefit from called: “The Little Book of Big Change-Be Happy, Make Money and Lose Weight” by Matt Beclcher.  Here is the link to it:

As Matt puts it, his book is “Simple and direct.” I agree.  Use the link and read a little about it.

Healthy trails to you


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