Let’s Get Physical


So what do you say?  Feel like going for a practice run for that marathon you’ve been dreaming about?  I kid of course.  Running a marathon is way out of my league…maybe.   But thankfully, I can enjoy a physically fit body without doing a lot of rigorous exercise.

There was a time I dreaded exercising even though I realized the bonuses it provides to our bodies.   Thankfully, I’ve redeemed myself and am now enjoying a regular exercise regimen.

If you are not physically active, perhaps you would decide on a regular exercise plan when you consider the following:

1) Weight control Gives you a good blood pressure and blood sugar reading, and helps in controlling the cholesterol level.

2) It fights against diseases Increases the body’s immune system making you less susceptible to develop illnesses.

3) Helps in relieving stress It elevates your mood, increases the desire to be active and participate in life.

4) Provides an energy boost When you are physical fit, your body will benefit from the endurance and stamina needed to participate in a full day combination of work and play.

So just what is Suitable Exercise?

Both research and health care professionals agree that our bodies need a sufficient amount of exercise to maintain good health and longevity.

And here is some good news:  Suitable exercise need not be daunting.  In fact, it actually can be very enjoyable. The key is to do what you like to do best.  Do you have a fetish for gardening? Then get out in your garden and do your thing.  Or maybe you like to go swimming, or you may enjoy dancing? Just go ahead and do what you like to do best.  Make it a routine part of your day, or at least shoot for 3 times a week.  I enjoy going to the gym.

Allow me to speak personally for just a second. When I first go into the gym, I use the treadmill for one half hour. I dreaded the treadmill in the beginning, but now I look forward to it. When I’m finished with the treadmill, I shower and change into my bathing suit, and then I get into the pool for my water aerobics class. Water aerobics is relaxing and enjoyable. I time myself so I am ready for my 45 minute water aerobics class when I finish the treadmill and shower.  I look forward to doing this three times a week. Why not get started in doing an exercise activity you enjoy at least three days a week?.

Other Exercise Options

1) Do you have a dog? Walk your dog faithfully every day instead of assigning the task to someone else.

2) Do you still have children in your house? If possible, play with them in your yard, or put on some music and dance with them.   Or perhaps you could go bicycling with them.

3) Have a couple of items to get from the store? If the store is close enough for you, instead of driving, consider going there on a bicycle. Perhaps you may want to try bicycling in your neighborhood 2 or 3 times a week.

4) Dance to the music you love. I like to dance to the electric slide.   This is a dance I can do by myself and it gets my heart to pumping.  Dancing is great cardio exercise and it is a lot of fun.

5) Do you live in an apartment building with stairs, or work in an office building with stairs? I know this has been said many times by others in the past but it still holds true:  Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Make the climb a daily brisk mini hike. You will know that you are doing a good job if your heart is pumping a little faster than normally.

6) Take a morning and/or evening walk in your neighborhood. The fresh air will be good for you. I mentioned riding your bicycle in your neighborhood earlier; but perhaps you don’t own a bicycle?  Don’t fret it.  A brisk walk in your neighbor will get you the same results.

The point is, you should start out doing something that is not overwhelming.  If you start by doing something that is too overwhelming, you are likely to become discouraged and give up. The suggestions above are small examples of how you can get started with fitting exercise in your day. You can do these without having to go out of your way very much, or spend money on new clothe or a gym membership.  Eventually you may want to reconsider your options and do something a little more rigorous.  This may take a little time.  There are many exercises for you to choose from.
Healthy trails to you
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